Answers Activity 30



a. I know that Peter is ___ articulate, so I can understand why he likes public speaking.
b. All the film reviews I read of Star Waves recommended it very ___ indeed.
c. Paula Strang's new novel must be one of the most ___ publicised books of all time.

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a. My brother decided he needed a qualification, in his ___, a degree in engineering.
b. I'm shocked by what you've just told me, and if that's really the ___, I shall resign.
c. To the jury, it sounded like a straightforward ___ of intimidation.

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a. I'd like to ___ a bit more money if I could because the cost of living is rising all the time.
b. I've been asked to ___ a speech when Anna gets her music prize.
c. So what do you ___ of everything going on at the school at the moment?

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a. I didn't think Astrid Bergman's portrayal of the princess was ___ and it spoilt the film.
b. Mark had no difficulty ___ students at top universities that they should apply for a job with his company on graduation.
c. The President put forward such a ___ argument for change that no one opposed him.

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a. I don't think there's any ___ in trying to find a solution to the problem at this stage.
b. There didn't seem to be much ___ to what he was saying.
c. Stella was hoping to get her project finished, but she'd been working all day, and at that ___ she decided to stop.

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