Answers Activity 41


FRIEND: So, what happened last weekend?
WOMAN: Well, we were taking our boat along the river, when we passed a pair of swans, with a nest nearby. One swan just carried on feeding, but the other one – the male I think – decided to come and investigate.
FRIEND: Oh, fantastic. I've never seen a swan's nest close up. I expect he was hungry.
Well, actually it was immediately obvious from his body language that he had other things on his mind. He was flapping his wings really hard, and approaching at incredible speed. And I guess we'd gone too close to the nest. I'd never have done that if I'd known what would happen.
FRIEND: Gosh, amazing. I've never heard of swans behaving like that before. So what did you do? Row like mad?
WOMAN: Well, we got out onto the bank, but he followed us up, and then stood between us and the boat for about an hour! We just couldn't frighten him away.
FRIEND: No, I suppose not. Still, I'm sure he wouldn't have hurt you.
WOMAN: Are you kidding? You should have seen the way he moved – swans can be really aggressive at nesting times.




What problem did the woman have with the swan?


A.    She misunderstood its intentions.
B.    She underestimated the speed of its approach.
C.    She failed to realise the consequences of disturbing it.


What is the man's reaction to the story?


A.    He feels he would have handled the situation better.
B.    He is unconvinced by the woman's version of events.
C.    He fails to see quite how serious the problem was.

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