Answers Activity 42

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

INTERVIEWER: Bruce, at school, you discovered you had a natural talent for art.
BRUCE: Yes, I inherited my dad's gift for drawing. I wanted to do representational art; paint portraits. But every college I went to - and there were three who accepted me - ail the college tutors said, 'Forget representational art, get a single lens reflex 33-millimetre camera, hit the shutter, crash, there's your picture. Not even Rembrandt could get that accuracy, so it's not worth it.'
INTERVIEWER: And you believed them?
BRUCE: I did. That was my biggest mistake. I haven't picked up a paintbrush since.
INTERVIEWER: How did your father react, when you told him you weren't going to art college?
BRUCE: His face was white with rage. He said, 'Right, that's it. You could have made something of going to college. You won't get another chance. Now I've got a perfectly good job for you on the factory floor. You start this week - take it or leave it.' I said, 'No, I'm going to start a business next.' He said, 'Well, at your own expense, then.'
INTERVIEWER: He refused to support you any more?
BRUCE: That's it, and so...




Why did Bruce decide to give up the idea of studying art?


A.    He failed to gain a place at art college.
B.    He became tired of doing representational art.
C.    He was persuaded that he could not realise his ambition.


What was his father's reaction to Bruce's decision?


A.    He was anxious to discuss alternative employment options.
B.    He was angry that a good opportunity had been wasted.
C.    He was dismissive of the advantages of higher education.

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