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The arguments about helping disabled people to live fuller and more independent lives have always been complicated, because they to mix ethics and technology. The solutions proposed never seem satisfactory because they cannot provide an answer to aspect. The state accepts the obligation; the question that has remained is to discharge it. has been government policy many years to provide a vehicle known a tricycle those people with sufficient ability to handle simple controls and adequately to other traffic. The rising number of accidents resulting from the bad design of the vehicle has prodded various governments : (a) denying that it was unsafe; (b) admitting it was unsafe but pleading was the solution available; and (c) withdrawing the of the disabled to the tricycle. This latter decision is the currently review. Of , with adequate funds almost any degree of handicap can be met, but going far beyond the existing allocation, the people present driving tricycles could be with vehicles safe as the four-wheeled equivalents.


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