Answers Activity 55



A: Will we be going away in August as usual?
B: I imagine
. Unless something comes up.



A: Will you be joining us for dinner on Sunday?
B: We'd like
, but we can't.



A: I suppose we should get on with our work.
B: I guess
. The deadline is in two days.



A: Do you think you'll get a pay rise this year?
B: I suspect
. We made a big loss last year.



A: Will your parents be at home this evening?
B: I assume
. They don't usually go out.



A: Why did you buy that hideous green hat?
B: My friend persuaded me



A: Can I have a refund for this coat, please?
B: I'm afraid
. We only give refunds for non-sale goods.



A Did you report the incident to the police?
B No, our lawyer advised us not


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