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Gerunds and infinitives

ACTIVITY 56: Complete these sentences with the correct infinitive or gerund form of the verbs. Then check the answers.






set up




1.  Diana apologized for my name the day before.

2.  My parents never record TV programmes because they don't know how their DVD player.

3.  You seem a lot at the moment. Have you got a cold?

4.  Pedro is fed up with by the other students in his class because he's so tall.

5.  It's no good about your back. Why don't you make an appointment to see the doctor?

6.  What was the last animal extinct?

7.  Mariana is panicking because the wedding is next week and she still hasn't got anything .

8.  There's no point in antibiotics if you've got a virus.

9.  Two friends of mine had a plan their own business, but it fell through when they split up.


Gerunds and infinitives

ACTIVITY 57: Complete the sentences with two or three words. Use the correct gerund or infinitive form of the verbs in blue capitals. Then check the answers.

1.  I would thoroughly recommend this resort to families with young children. There is plenty for . DO

2.  We hope off our mortgage by the time we retire. PAY

3.  I would like my grandparents, but they died before I was born. MEET

4.  Our holiday in the French Riviera was a waste of money because it wasn't warm enough in the sea. SWIM

5.  How frustrating the match in the last minute! LOSE

6.  It is very common for employees redundant when their company is doing badly. MAKE

7.  Our lawn needs . The grass has grown too long. CUT

8.  Most children love the zoo by their parents. TAKE

9.  the book first made it much easier to understand the plot in the film. READ


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