Answers Activity 63


a. Sally's front tooth is very ___. I'm sure it'll come out soon.
b. Jane has lost so much weight that all her clothes are too ___.
c. The horse got ___ from the stable and started trotting towards the road.

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a. The thief ___ the watch into his pocket when he thought no one was looking.
b. Several visitors to the castle almost ___ on the newly polished floor.
c. The speaker ___ a few references to the local football team into his speech, which the audience appreciated greatly.

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a. Chris arrived very early for his flight in order to be at the ___ of the queue when the check-in desk opened.
b. My sister's got a really good ___ for figures, but I'm hopeless at maths.
c. George has just been promoted to ___ of department so he'll be even more busy from now on.

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a. The restaurant ___ out of fish quite early on in the evening.
b. The boat ___ into a storm as it neared the French coast.
c. Mrs Benson ___ the company single-handed after her husband's death.

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a. This is the exact ___ where the famous scene from the film was shot.
b. When they felt the first ___ of rain, they gathered the picnic together and rushed inside.
c. The high ___ of my trip around India was definitely the trip to Calcutta.

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