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the 1990s the western has suffered a serious decline. are made, and those few are not very good particularly successful. Clint Eastwood to have traded in his six-gun for a magnum, and John Wayne has been quoted as wishing he had done with more success. The westerns which have appeared recently have seemed confused and directionless, the assurance and moral conviction of predecessors. Most of these films have tried to debunk the mythical assumptions of earlier westerns, as films "High Noon" or "The Wild Bunch" used the western form to question itself. But these earlier efforts, the films of the seventies a clear vision of an alternative version of the west, which is more 'realistic' than the mythical one. a result, the western is no familiar and soothing, and this adjustment to it difficult, if not impossible. Thus the loyal audience becomes loyal and the film-makers understandably much of their interest the genre. For the last two decades, westerns have virtually disappeared prime-time television, be replaced by police and detective series.


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