Answers Activity 74

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

JOHN: So, Diane, have you finally decided to come to Hong Kong with us for a holiday? Your flight's reserved, we need to confirm by Wednesday.
DIANE: Well, John, I've given it some thought and it's pretty tempting, but it's not that long since I last had a break. I don't know  – I still haven't come to any definite decision.
JOHN: Oh, come on, what's the problem? I know it may seem extravagant, but you told me you'd just been given promotion and a rise, so that can't be an issue, surely.
DIANE: Well, it's not so much that as my work situation. Taking another break so soon after my promotion might send out the wrong message to my team, although I think my line manager would understand.
JOHN: Of course - she knows you're a good worker.
DIANE: Mmm. Well, I guess I could empty my in-tray in time – my workload's not too heavy just now. If s just that I haven't had much time to get the office organised, and to be honest, one of my colleagues would probably be only too glad to use my absence to further his own position.
JOHN: Hmmm, sounds pretty nasty to me. Are you sure you want to carry on working there?




John thinks Diane's indecision about the holiday is...


A.    unreasonable in view of her financial position.
B.    surprising since her holiday is well overdue.
C.    understandable given how much money is involved..


How does Diane feel about the prospect of a break from work?


A.    nervous that her boss will regret promoting her
B.    worried that staff will take advantage of her absence
C.    doubtful whether she can clear her backlog of work in time

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