Answers Activity 75

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

PAUL: I hear Joe Schultz's new film 'The System' isn't going to be given the '12' certificate he wanted.
LINA: So youngsters can't see it? I'm not surprised. The reviewers say that watching the first few minutes is pretty unpleasant – there's a lot of aggression.
PAUL: That didn't seem to worry the authorities. Nor did the strong language, although there's quite a bit of that, but they couldn't take the little bursts of rather tense music – makes your hair stand on end, apparently!
LINA: Interesting. Anyway, I don't think the storyline's really suitable for young children – too much delving into people's thoughts and motives.
PAUL: True. You've read the book?
LINA: Oh yeah. A great page-turner. I had no idea what the final outcome would be.
PAUL: Oh, I guessed. I loved the way the author uses dialect all the way through – a bit out of the ordinary.
LINA: Takes some getting used to, but if s decidedly different. You can't really believe the Prince Is based on a real person from the past, though, can you?
PAUL: I thought he did come over well, considering how little we know about people from that era.
LINA: We'll go and see the film, won't we?
PAUL: Definitely.




Why has the film been refused a certificate allowing it to be shown to children?


A.    The soundtrack makes it too frightening in places.
B.    The plot is too psychologically complex.
C.    The opening images are too violent.


The friends agree that the original story on which the film is based...


A.    is written in a rather unusual style.
B.    gives a convincing portrayal of a historical character.
C.    manages to keep the reader in suspense until the end.

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