Answers Activity 76

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

INTERVIEWER: Ingrid Chapman, tell us about this new office block.
MS. CHAPMAN: It has enormous glass walls, because transparency was paramount In the brief I received from my clients – that gives ft an airy, spacious feel inside. The three floors all open onto a cavernous central hall, and this is what's crucial for me – there are so many reasons for people to meet there: have a coffee, gossip, discuss formal matters in an informal setting. I force them to do these things by locating most of the services they need in this area – toilets, photocopying, cafe, etcetera.
INTERVIEWER: Forgive me, but there'll be company executives listening who are saying, 'That's all very well if you're able to design a brand new building from scratch'. What would you say to them?
MS. CHAPMAN: Commission me to come up with a scheme for a replacement, for example? No, seriously, It doesn't require much, a little creativity, that's all. Under-used areas can be refurbished, art hung on the walls, that sort of thing. And a questionnaire can be sent to all personnel to get their reactions to any changes you've made. Good morale facilitates productivity.




What does Ingrid think is the best feature of the new building?


A.    the amount of light that comes in
B.    the space she has created for staff interaction
C.    the way each floor has its own facilities


What does she suggest companies with outdated office buildings should do?


A.    employ her to design a more modern building
B.    ask staff what kind of workplace they would like
C.    use imagination to improve aspects of the offices

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