Answers Activity 93

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

WOMAN: Do you know anyone who's gone to live abroad?
MAN: Yes, I've got these friends who moved to a little village in France, down in the south-west, about ten or twelve years ago now – yeah, they've been there a pretty long time!
WOMAN: It sounds as if they must be well settled in. What do they do?
MAN: Well, they bought quite a big house in the village and set up a kind of walking holiday business. You know, people come in small groups and stay with them for a day or two, and then walk from village to village, staying in small hotels and guesthouses, and getting all their luggage transported for them.
WOMAN: And how have they found it?
MAN: They seem to be doing very well. It took a while to get the business going – the first two or three years were a bit of a struggle, I think – but now they're established, and they've got good relationships with the walking holiday companies. I mean they don't make a fortune, and they make most of their money in the spring and the summer, and winter can be quiet, but then they do get to live in a beautiful French village!
WOMAN: And have they fitted in well? I mean, do they feel they belong now?
MAN: Yes, they've really had no problems. They both spoke French already, which was obviously a huge help, and they tried right from the start to be part of the village, you know, getting to know people and going to festivals and events and stuff like that. But the real difference was when they had a baby – I think that's when they were really accepted, and people realized that they were there to stay, and the baby was a real star in the village!
WOMAN: So they're planning to stay?
MAN: Well I think so, yes. I mean they've actually bought a couple more houses and they're renovating them, and last year they opened a restaurant which was the first one in the village, and the first night it opened they gave everyone a free four-course dinner, which went down very well! I think they're going to stay. And it's been good for the village too, I mean it was really a tiny village, but now they get visitors and a little bar has opened up in summer, and even a little shop, and it seems to have come back to life a bit, which has to be a good thing.




How long have his friends lived in France?



What kind of business did they set up?



What is the main downside of this kind of business?



What three things helped them to be accepted in the village?



How did they celebrate the opening night of their new business?



In what way has the village benefited from their business?



Moving to France, has it been a positive experience?



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