Answers Activity 97


a. Nikki already had a ___ idea of how she wanted her career to develop.
b. It soon became ___ that Paula would not be able to finish the race.
c. The area in front of the fire exit should be kept ___ at all times.

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a. It's hard to ___ how tall buildings are when you see them from the air.
b. I have been asked to ___ a song-writing competition.
c. It's a mistake to ___ people by appearances alone.

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a. "I've got to go now, but I'll try to ___ up with you later in the park", said Jake.
b. The organisers agreed to ___ the costs of clearing up after the pop concert.
c. The company has failed to ___ its targets for the second consecutive year.

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a. "We've achieved a great deal in a short ___ of time", said the company director.
b. Mandy liked most things about her friend's new home but thought that the dining table took up far too much ___.
c. "I've arranged a car parking ___ for you", said the administrator.

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a. My neighbour is 96 but is still able to walk without the ___ of a stick.
b. The electronic tablet is a wonderful new learning ___ for use in the classroom.
c. Flights carrying ___ donated by charity organisations are now arriving in the areas affected by drought every day.

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