Answers Activity 105


1.  A: People say shouldn't sit in a draught.
     B: Rubbish! There's nothing wrong with fresh air.

2.  A: Who hasn't handed in homework?
     B: Me. Sorry. Here it is.

3.  A: What a gorgeous dress! Where did you get it?
     B: Well, actually, I made it

4.  A: Why isn't Judy with Pete tonight?
     B: They're not going out with
any more.

5.  A: There seem to be far fewer sparrows around than there used to be.
     B: Yes.
doesn't see many of them these days.

6.  A: I've just been promoted!
     B: Well done! You must be really proud of

7.  A: Why don't you join the army?
     B: I don't know.
say it's really tough.

8.  A: Who's Grace going round Europe with?
     B: No one. She's going by


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