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Reading: Part 2/3
Three themed texts followed by two 4-option
multiple-choice questions on each text.

ACTIVITY 114: You are going to read one extract which is concerned in some way with communication. For questions 3-4, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text. Then check the correct answers.


Last year I started work with a new company. Unfortunately, in my new role I was required to speak in public, at conferences. The thought filled me with dread, because I was sure my voice was boring.

Also, I wouldn't know what to say. Anyway, when the time came I tried not to panic, and went back to first principles: I made a plan, first deciding my key message. This gave me a structure, and was the first step to dispelling my nerves.

Then I found a voice coach who taught me how to relax and breathe properly. Suddenly there was power behind my voice and I found I was in control. It was like going to a vocal gym. Instead gabbling my sentences, I slowed down and took time to enjoy the words.

I lacked the confidence at first to speak without a script, but I learnt not to write everything down to the last word — the audience switched off when I did that. A friend gave me the tip of memorising the first few sentences, then I could make eye contact with the people I was speaking to — engaging with them.

Questions 3-4


In this article the writer's aim is to show that...


A.    public speaking need not be anything to worry about.
  there is always something new for a speaker to learn.
  it Is important for a speaker to have an outgoing personality.
  success in public speaking depends on the quality of the speaker's memory.


The writer says he trained in how to speak at conferences by...


A.    studying articles written by well-known public speakers.
  attending a course on how to give effective presentations.
  getting help with the physical aspects of public speaking.
  following colleagues' advice on ways of keeping the audience's attention.


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