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Reading: Part 3/3
Three themed texts followed by two 4-option
multiple-choice questions on each text.

ACTIVITY 115: You are going to read one extract which is concerned in some way with communication. For questions 5-6, choose the answer (A, B, C or D) which you think fits best according to the text. Then check the correct answers.

Iowa State University:
Business and Technical Communication

Essay Assignment
This assignment asks you to write an essay suitable for publication in a professional journal or newsletter. You will identify an issue that's interesting to teachers and/or workplace professionals in business and technical communication and then pose a question you want to explore about that issue. Your essay will be an argument for a clearly stated position and should be presented in a logical, understandable, and engaging manner. Your essay should be targeted to a particular journal, which means that you need to read enough articles and essays in that journal to identify their general features.

Consider the following questions:
• What are the conventions of essays in the journal or newsletter you are targeting?
• What is the question you are addressing?
• What is the argument you are making?

Cover Memo
When you submit your essay, please include a cover sheet in which you identify the features of essay conventions that you consciously employed to make the essay appropriate for the intended journal or newsletter. This is the meta-cognitive element – you knowing not only what you've done but why you did it. Please indicate the journal or newsletter to which you plan to submit your revised essay.

Questions 5-6


What are students expected to do in their assignment?


A.    put forward an original idea about a subject
  provide support for a particular point of view on a topic
  present an argument against an existing essay or article
  offer a solution to an unresolved issue in a particular field


Along with their essay, students are asked to provide a note which...


A.    indicates the reason for their choice of topic.
  identifies the background texts they have read.
  justifies their choice of intended journal or newsletter.
  specifies the essay-writing characteristics used in their assignment.


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