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The mountain farmers are a special breed of men. They work at twelve hours day in topographical and weather conditions which kill most crops and which only a animals will tolerate. About of them work at some other job well, leaving their wives and children to do the of the farm work. all the difficulties inherent working in the Swiss mountains, should anyone resist any extension of the mountain economy? The answer is that 'when tourism becomes too massive, farming disappears.' And basically are three reasons Switzerland needs its mountain farmers: they contribute the food ; they preserve the landscape; and they represent the Switzerland of nostalgia and holiday dreams. In a country where nearly one-quarter of the land is unproductive and which produces only 45 per cent of its food requirements, all types of agricultural enterprises be encouraged. The neat Swiss landscape of well-tended pastures and woodlands could not maintained without mountain farmers. Their animals fertilize the pastures, and the farmers care the woods, buildings and land. Beyond the physical landscape, besides, lies whole picture of the Swiss mountains, which farmers are very much a .


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