Answers Activity 125


1. Anna intends to have an early night tonight.  is

    Anna an early night tonight.

2. We expect the flight to land in about ten minutes.  due

    The flight in about ten minutes.

3. May I ask who is picking me up from the station?  be

    Who from the station?

4. The managing director is about to retire.  point

    The managing director .

5. I'm catching the 12.15 bus to Brighton tomorrow.  at

    My bus to Brighton 12.15 tomorrow.

6. The play is going to start very soon.  about

    The play .

7. I have arranged to take part in a marathon next Saturday.  am

    I in a marathon next Saturday.

8. They will hold the general election on March 3rd.  to be

    The general election on March 3rd.


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