Answers Activity 141


1.  My neighbour Rolf Bonester wasn't feeling well so I him to seek medical help.
persuade / he / seek

2.  A bad experience in Maria's youth lies. 
teach / she / not tell

3.  We don't these pills to children. 
advise / administer

4.  They're late with the pizzas. We during half-time. 
plan / they / arrive

5.  Our friends lent us their apartment but they in the local bar.
recommend / we / not eat

6.  John's psychologist his fear of flying. 
help / him / overcome

7.  Paul for my drinks last night because he knows I'm broke.
not mind / I / not pay

8.  Mr and Mrs Donaldson are on their way so we must hurry home. I while we were out. 
would hate / they / arrive


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