Answers Activity 144


Now listen again while you check the audio transcriptions. Then check the answers below.

ROBERT 1: Well, one job I've always rather fancied is being a travel writer, I mean, basically because I like travelling and I like going around the world and I'd like to have an excuse to do it and someone to pay me to do it if possible, and I think I would be quite good at it because, well, I am quite sociable and I like to think I can write and er, and I'm quite good at living out of a suitcase and living cheap, um and it just seems to be a wonderful way of seeing the world. I mean, I don't actually know anybody who does it but I've always sort of envied people like Michael Palin who do these television series going all round the world and they seem to have such a wonderful time.
But I have occasionally had to read travel books and some of them are brilliant and some you definitely get the impression that they've been sent there by their publisher to do a travel book about Patagonia or whatever it is and nothing much has happened, but they've still got to write the book. So you get rather a boring drudgy book sometimes, and I suppose that might be a drawback that you'd feel you had to write a book even if you'd got nothing to say.


ROBERT 2. Well, what I'd really hate to do is any sort of job on a production line, any sort of real drudgery where there's really no, sort of, mental input at all, but you're just repeating the same task again and again and again and I think that would probably drive me insane.
I have done something a bit like it when I was about 18, I worked in a plastics factory to earn some money for a couple of months and I remember I went in, in the dark and I came out in the dark, because it was winter, so I never saw the light of day, it was about a ten-hour day, paid almost nothing, we had half an hour for lunch and the noise of the machines was so loud that you could, you could shout at the top of your voice and the person next to you couldn't hear you, and the smell of plastics filled the air and it was absolutely hideous. The only advantage was that it was so loud that you could actually sing at the top of your voice and nobody could hear, so I spent a lot of my day singing to myself, which I quite enjoyed.




Listen to the first audio and answer:
What kind of job would Robert love to do?



Listen to the second audio and answer:
What kind of job would he hate to do?


And now listen to both audios again and answer:


Why does Robert think he would be good at the first job?



What does he think might be the downside?



Why does he think he would hate the second hob?



Has he done this kind of work? Why didn't he like it?



What was the one positive aspect of the job?



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