Answers Activity 145

Now listen again while you check the audio transcriptions. Then check the answers below.

Tod was my high school boyfriend. It had been love at first sight and we were really close. But then he joined the army in 1986 and he went to serve overseas. We wrote to each other every day at first but somehow a rumour got around that I was dating other people – there was no truth in this at all, by the way – but he got to hear about it and he decided to break it off. I was devastated, but eventually I realized I had to move on. I got engaged to someone else even though deep down I was still pining for Tod.
Well, ten years later my marriage was in a mess so I decided to go home and stay with my parents to try and get away from it all. I kept thinking about Tod and I had this feeling that something bad had happened to him. So I googled him and found his phone number, and I phoned and left him a message. Two days later he called back. It turned out he'd been looking for me too on the Internet, but he hadn't managed to find anything so he'd given up. Anyway we talked on the phone for hours and to cut a long story short the next morning he got on a plane and I picked him up at the airport, the same one I'd taken him to when he went away with the army eleven years before. We've been together ever since, and we live in Seattle, and we've got two great kids. I love telling this story you know, every time I tell it I cry.




Does the story have a happy ending?



Now listen again and choose from each menu
the  eight events in chronological order.










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