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do you react to a flag-seller in the street? Do you hurry past the other side? Do you buy a flag simply to avoid embarrassment? are you among the minority of willing buyers? category you fall , the attitudes and enthusiasms which marked the birth of the British flag-day have changed radically over the years. The flag-day had beginnings in 1912 and grew rapidly during the First World War, £15 million was raised by this method. Today, perhaps response to adverse public criticism about bombarded on sides by too many charities, the Metropolitan Police try to limit flag-days in Greater London four major combined onslaughts year. Local authorities are permitted six weeks in one year for such work. Generally give preference to local causes. Charity still begins home. Alternative forms of sponsorship and fund-raising schemes are increasingly sought. Oxfam, example, sells direct to the public from shops stocked with home-produced and recycled goods. Ironically, a small batch of charity emblems was recently to Oxfam, and items which originally only a few pence were offered for as collectors' items.


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