In February 1990, Perrier, one of     most famous

mineral water companies, faced     serious image

problem when small quantities of benzene were found in some

bottles.    company decided to take 160 million bottles

worth 470 million off the market.    spokesperson from

  communications department made     statement to the press

saying that this did not present     health problem, but he did admit that

for    product known for purity, it was definitely     mistake.

  independent environmental consultant carried out    inspection

at the Perrier plant and identified and corrected    fault.

  same consultant said that a person spilling one drop of 

lead-free petrol on their hand would absorb more benzene than if they drank a

bottle of Perrier every day for a year. In this instance, Perrier's policy of 

honesty and its concern for consumers saved its image and good name.


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