Who would Joanna get in touch with if she wanted a stand built to show her firm's products at an industrial or business exhibition?


If she wanted to have a stand built, Joanna would get in touch with a firm of exhibition (or display) contractors.


If a journalist wrote a flattering article about the new desk range, how would Joanna refer to this?


Joanna would refer to a flattering article in the Press as a good write-up.


To draw an editor's attention to a new product, what would the Advertising Manager do?


To draw an editor's attention to a new product the Advertising Manager would send out a press release.


Why did Joanna want a girl on their stand with exhibition experience?


(Your answer should contain some of the points mentioned below. Give yourself a good mark for each point mentioned)
She wanted a girl with exhibition experience because special qualities are required. For example, she has to look like a model, be able to answer questions about the product intelligently, work long hours and look as alert and welcoming at the end of the day as at the beginning.


Can you invent a better slogan for Harper & Grant? If so, what is it?


It is not as easy as you think. A good slogan should be short, arresting (commanding your attention) and memorable.


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