You are talking to a customer who has asked you to replace a lost credit card for the fifth time this year. (FIRST CONDITIONAL)


"If you    your card again in the future, I'm afraid that the bank


  to issue a replacement."


Disneyland Paris has recently had problems in the prices of hotels and restaurants. (THIRD CONDITIONAL)


If Disneyland Paris    the prices of hotels and restaurants earlier,


perhaps this    more visitors to the theme park.


Your friend Martha has invited you to join her as a partner in a new business venture. You feel that you do not have the necessary experience to do it. (SECOND CONDITIONAL)


If you    more experience, you    her offer.


You have recently applied for a transfer from your present job in Buenos Aires to another position with the company's Chilean subsidiary. (FIRST CONDITIONAL)


If your application    successful, you    move house to


Santiago de Chile.


Europeans did not understand the concept of Disneyland Paris so easily. (THIRD CONDITIONAL).


Some people say that if Europeans    more about the concept


of Disneyland before it opened in April 1992, attendance figures to the park




A bank representative has just refused your request for a US$ 10,000 loan because you do not have enough money in your savings account. (SECOND CONDITIONAL)


If you    more money on deposit, the bank    you the


US$ 10,000.


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