Packard Bell Electronics has already taken 10% of the US computer market and has performed better, in some areas, than its two main national rivals Compaq and Apple.


Compaq, Apple and Packard Bell are  .


Nordak is currently recruiting a senior manager who will head up the UK office of its first foreign subsidiary.


Nordak is not of    origin.


The shares of Heineken NV reached a record level of 244.5 guilders yesterday on their home market in Amsterdam, Holland.


Heineken NV is a  .


The Societé de Bourse Française publishes an annual guide to the 120 biggest national companies whose shares are sold on the Paris exchange.


The Paris exchange sells the shares of the biggest    companies.


OM Personal have received several enquiries from companies who are interested in representing their products in Spain. However, they have no intention of expanding into this part of Europe until 2006.


OM Personal has no plans to enter the    market until 2006.


The Ministry of Trade and Industry in Japan has for the first time awarded licences to six foreign firms who can now operate investments funds on the Tokyo market.


The Tokyo market was previously restricted to    companies.


This year we have decided not to attend the Milan trade fair in Italy as the date coincides with a similar but more important event in Frankfurt in Germany.


We will be attending the    trade fair.


Our main markets are Eastern Europe and North America. However, we also do some business with Brazil.


The    market is not one of our most important.


Whenever we set up a foreign subsidiary, we always make sure that it is managed by someone from the country concerned. The same will be true for our new operation in Finland.


Our new subsidiary will have a    manager.


Although our company was originally Swedish, four years ago we transferred all of our operations to Switzerland and re-registered over there.


The company is no longer  .


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