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Grammar: Structure Adjective + Preposition

The list below shows 20 useful structures which are usually confused:


angry / annoyed / furious

ABOUT something
WITH someone FOR doing sth.


-  What are you so angry / annoyed about?
-  They were furious with me for not reporting the problem in time.


delighted / pleased / disappointed

WITH something


The secretary was delighted with the present her boss gave her.
-  Were you disappointed with the balance results?


bored / fed up

WITH something


-  You get bored with doing the same thing every day..
-  I'm completely fed up with preparing the same reports all the time.


surprised / shocked / amazed

AT something
BY something


-  Everybody at the office was surprised at / by the news.
-  We were shocked at / by the condition of the office we wanted to rent.


excited / worried / upset

ABOUT something


-  Was john Martin really excited about going to Djemsa in Habraka?
-  The new supervisor is upset about not being invited to the seminar.


afraid / frightened / terrified

OF someone/something


-  Is Mr. Dowson afraid of planes?
-  Yes, he's terrified of them. I don't know how he will manage to fly to Japan!!


proud / ashamed

OF someone/something


-  I'm not ashamed of what I did in the company.
-  ln fact, you should be quite proud of your honest secretary!!


jealous / envious / suspicious

OF someone/something


-  Why are you always so jealous of your brother-in-law?
-  My boss didn't trust me. He was suspicious of my intentions all the time.


good / bad / excellent / brilliant

AT (doing) something


-  I'm not very good good at auditing figures. What about you?
-  Oh, I'm excellent at that, but I'm so bad at writing reports!!


married / engaged

TO someone


-  Linda is married to an American manager. (not  with an American manager)
-  My assistant is engaged to an interesting guy. (not  with an interesting guy)




ABOUT something
FOR doing something


-  I'm sorry about the noise last night. We were having a party.
-  I'm sorry for shouting at you in the office yesterday.



ABOUT something


-  Violeta is crazy about American movies. She'd go to the movies every day!!



BY someone/something
WITH someone


-  The director was very impressed by the new Harper & Grant extension.
-  Hector Grant was really impressed with the exhibition stand.



FOR something


-  The Italian city of Florence is famous for its art treasures.



FOR something


-  Who was responsible for all that noise last night?



FROM someone/something


-  The new factory was quite different from what I expected.


capable  /  incapable

OF something


-  I'm sure you are capable of doing this survey without any help.
-  The accountant was incapable of analysing the figures.



OF something


-  The employee was a little short of money, so he had not a better idea than
   taking some from the cashier's box.



TO something


-  It's incredible!! The secretary's handwriting is similar to mine.



WITH people, etc.


-  The official opening of the new factory extension at Harper & Grant will take
   place tomorrow. I'm sure all the offices will be crowded with guests.



Grammar: Activity with Answer


You have just studied that many adjectives in English take certain prepositions when followed by nouns or verbs. This activity is rather challenging for you as the adjectives in the sentences below have not been include in the list above. So please, try your comprehension by choosing the best alternative from the menus.




Although Paul is really young, he is already successful    business.



It is necessary   us to improve our after-sales service.



Is your notebook compatible   my Apple?



The customers are very critical   some of the products we sell.



We must be attentive   the needs of our customers.



We're certain   the positive results that a national advertising



campaign can have.



I was not aware   the fact that these models no longer exist.



We are very satisfied   this year's profits.



I'm interested   OM Personal new business course.



We're quite concerned   the problem of stock management.



The visitors to OM Personal are fond   the "personal touch" that



we try to emphasise in each of our courses and tutorials.



The neighbourhood residents seem enthusiastic   the opening



of the new shop.


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