Answers Activity 3



a. By cycling hard we actually managed to ___ about 100 kilometres in just under three hours.
b. The second volume will ___ the period from the French Revolution to the Battle of Waterloo.
c. Before placing the fish in the oven ___ it with a sheet of aluminium foil.

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a. My car broke down yesterday, but then it wasn't very reliable in the first ___.
b. Igor came in shivering from cold, so we gave him a ___ by the fire.
c. Tanya lives in rather an old ___ behind the paint factory.

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a. They admitted the assignment was ___, but they managed to do it nevertheless.
b. I think that meat is rather ___ so you'd probably do better to buy something more tender.
c. Chris must be pretty ___ if he wants to pursue a career in the army.

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a. The fisherman held the boat ___ while we all climbed aboard.
b. Toni and Paola have had a ___ relationship for more than five years.
c. Look! My hand is completely ___. It's not shaking at all.

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