Answers Activity 7


  1.  The job specifically requested females.

       I have to his name to the list.

  2.  We must our plan to these new circumstances.

       Hackers are at getting around computer security measures.

  3.  Free isn't always the best.

       Please us about a company which has developed image processing software.

  4.  Imagination can every aspect of our lives.

       Smith spent years studying the of sleep loss on memory and learning.

  5.  The entire crew was with food poisoning.

       The sadist pain and the masochist received it.

  6.  He her with his rude remarks.

       We are with a difficult situation.

  7.  The Internet has much useful information but it also has of useless resources.

       They usually the profits fairly.

  8.  I read the play so that I could memorize all the lines.

       It is not to walk on the grass in this garden.

  9.  Have you read this book ?

       Are you to go hiking?

10.  There has been an in our plans.

       The police have a tendency to make a big deal over a very minor .


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