Answers Activity 14

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

9.  The presenter suggests that people sometimes may appear when they only want to be assertive.

10.  Kate claims that views put forward by women are often not considered as as those of their male colleagues.

11.  Women's lack of assurance is often revealed through how they speak and their  .

12.  Weaker animals use smiling as a way of an adversary.

13.  For humans, when discussing a serious subject you should not smile, as this your point.

14.  It is generally assumed that you are in agreement with somebody if you as they speak.

15.  If you want people to listen to you, you should adopt a .

16.  Peppering your speech with disclaimers and diminishers only serves to make others and to pay attention.

17.  By changing your way of speaking and behaving you will be able to increase your at work.


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