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A couple who arranged a second wedding ceremony after photographs of the ceremony were ruined are claiming compensation from the photographer who captured their special day on film.

The bride, Lina Williams, burst into tears when she was given the initial of her 'big day'. Most of the photographs were out of focus and in some her face was actually obscured. She and her husband David are currently in dispute with the company that took the wedding photographs. Two days after the ceremony, the Wrights had to the ceremony again with a different photographer. The final product was perfect, but they that the distress ruined their honeymoon. They have already the offer of a refund of three hundred pounds.

The new Mrs Williams said, "I was absolutely
. I couldn't believe that it had happened to us after we had saved up for so long. It was supposed to be a perfect day. but the photographs were more like holiday snaps that had been taken by a real ". Her husband added, "The second set of pictures is excellent but the company gave
the false impression that everything went well the first time around. Now all those magic moments from the first ceremony have vanished. They are something you can never


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