Answers Activity 52

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

9.  The presenter claims that in Britain concrete is associated with neglected 

10.  Malcolm says that while, in the past, concrete was a material, it is in demand now.

11.  Concrete's renewed popularity is a result of a necessity to maintain the level of the .

12.  High buildings will necessitate the use of and substances such as concrete.

13.  In the future, not only buildings, but also and could be made of some form of concrete.

14.  Concrete can be used for heating if it can be made to more effectively.

15.  Concrete's mean it can also be used to lower temperatures in a building.

16.  If properly built, the buildings of the future could stand for as long as .

17.  Whatever it is used for, concrete is likely to have a far-reaching effect, on life in the third .


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