Answers Activity 60

Questions 1-5


Why is the company TBA Industrial Products about to reduce asbestos levels in the air at their plant?


A.    To comply with a report by the Ontario Royal Commission.
B.    Because the Union is demanding stricter safety measures.
C.    Because present levels are above those set by the HSE.
  To improve the quality of their brake linings.


"Cancers" are harder to assess than "corpses" because...


A.    the safety measures employed vary a great deal.
B.    there are far more of them.
C.    the wealth of evidence has not yet been analysed.
  it is difficult to trace the cause of some diseases.


What does the assessment of the potential for "catastrophes" rely on?


A.    An analysis of a few past disasters.
B.    Mathematical probability calculations.
C.    A comparison with 'cancers' and 'corpses'.
  Reports of a company's capital.


The writer suggests that the "human capital" approach is...


A.    unreliable and risky.
B.    invaluable.
C.    too rough and ready.
  clinical and inhumane.


A typical question posed to the public by Professor Jones-Lee and his colleagues would have been:


A.    How much do you think a person's life is worth?
B.    Would you say you enjoy taking risks at work?
C.    How much would you work in an asbestos factory for?
  What reward would you expect for saving someone's life?

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