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ACTIVITY 62: Choose the right connector in each sentence. You can use them only once. Then check the correct answers.

British sovereigns were expected reign and to rule. But the party political system became established, their real power vanished .

they were still in theory the ultimate power in the state, they were expected to give their assent to proposals the Government had , the people imagined that their democratic rights were being threatened.

, the influence of the Royal Family in Britain is as great as ever in some ways, at least public interest is concerned.

abandon themselves to a useless life of leisure, they wisely realised that a public image of service to the nation, as well as the continuing attraction of pageantry and bright uniforms, has an appeal to most people, and the monarchy is still in existence.


Open cloze

ACTIVITY 63: Without looking at the original text on the previous page, fill each of the blank spaces with one suitable word. (Some blank spaces accept more than one alternative). Then check the correct answers.


King Edward VII was educated isolation by tutors without competition or companionship from other boys. It was an unnatural upbringing and it was astonishing that it produced sturdy and popular a king. For in of scandals, leading articles in "The Times" and a good of republicanism, he was popular than any politician. he had a quick temper, he radiated a kind of genial friendliness that changed the mood of crowds. He was Prince of Wales a generation and recognized the leader of society, a raffish society known the Marlborough House set, while the Queen lived in mourning for her Consort, had died in 1861. The Queen and he were linked by a bond of love, though she thought that Edward's behaviour hastened her husband's death. When Queen Victoria died last in 1901, the new king was already 60. However, he brought a boyish energy and zest to the job. He was the most kingly of kings, so he do and say things no ambassador would have dared to. He helped make peace with Russia and tried without success to sober up the Kaiser, nephew. But he was an influence government rather a ruler. He spoke well public. His horses ran well, greatly increased his subjects' love for him. He was fact cautionary by nature, and ready to support his ministers when it seemed necessary.


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