Answers Activity 66



You should your nutrition with some vitamins.
The manager's
on Lucia's achievement was highly appreciated.


OM Personal English has undergone updating since 1999.
Her show got almost
laughter, a very rare thing.


Out of a coma, the accident victim was minimally .
Ray is scrupulous at work but he is less
about his obligations at home.
I was
that something was missing.


He's so that he takes everything you say at face value.
If you want to be
, tell people only what they believe.
The results she achieved at the top end were extremely


is exactly what I feel towards the use of violence to settle personal disputes.
An example of
is the looting of a street during protests.


I'd that old hat if I were you.
the instructions of this manual for future reference.
The police will
several suspects for questioning.


The back of the shop was turned into a car park which from the beach's beauty.
That violent sound
my attention from reading.


We must some means of escape.
The government should
some regulations in order to increase efficiency.


Our government should decision-making to the people of the region.
Why did the apes
more than other animals?


We sometimes see mean and behaviour towards users on the net.
I stopped
him from going swimming as it was no longer raining.


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