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ACTIVITY 82: Choose the right connector in each sentence. You can use them only once. Then check the correct answers.

There are a number of reasons why I've called this meeting , the company is finding it difficult to make a profit. , our suppliers are proving awkward and our creditors are pressing us for money. the picture is not completely black.

For one thing we have managed to get some valuable new orders in the past few days; moreover, business seems to be picking up all over the world.
, things could be worse but decisive action is needed. We may still get out of the wood but that we'll have to work together and, , keep our heads; the Company will go to the wall, .


Open cloze

ACTIVITY 83: Without looking at the original text on the previous page, fill each of the blank spaces with one suitable word. (Some blank spaces accept more than one alternative). Then check the correct answers.


Is any truth in astrology? In the first , there has been increasing interest it in Britain in recent years. More than half of the population admit to at the daily forecasts for their sign of the zodiac in the . In the way, books the subject to the lay public in simple terms have sold over a million . To be fair, it is pointing out that a serious astrologer would laugh the idea of there any connection popular newspaper forecasts and individual natal charts, which to interpret personality, temperament and abilities according the positions of the planets the exact moment of a person's . It is hardly likely, to take a simple example, that one person in twelve will inherit money the same day. Most people, of course, believe the if it them what they want to hear and ignore it if it doesn't.


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