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Comment adverbials





1) They express how certain the speaker is about something. Some common adverbs: certainly, definitely, possibly, probably, undoubtedly:

She's definitely happier now than she was when she first arrived in the country.

Some common adverbial phrases: without a doubt, in theory, in all likelihood:

In all likelihood, there are more advantages to relaxing controls on immigration than disadvantages.

2) They express the speaker's attitude or opinion about what they say. Some common adverbs: frankly, personally, unfortunately, surprisingly:

I, personally would only emigrate if I was sure it would improve my standard of living.

Some common adverbial phrases: in my opinion, quite honestly, generally speaking, to my surprise:

Quite honestly, I don't think you should have given him so much money.

3) They express the speaker's opinion of their or someone else's actions: cleverly, kindly, mistakenly, strangely, foolishly, etc. These adverbs depend on the action taken and therefore it is not possible to provide a list of the most common ones:

The government has mistakenly, I think, put too many restrictions on immigration from certain countries.
( = I think the government's action is a mistake).

Strangely. I haven't heard anything from her since she moved house.
( = I think her failure to communicate is strange).



1) Comment adverbials are often placed at the beginning of the sentence:

Frankly, If I could choose, I'd leave Manchester and migrate back to the country.

2) However, they can also be placed in the middle position in the sentence – between the subject and the verb:

She was unfortunately extremely late for the appointment.

3) Or at the end of the sentence:

Demetrio is thinking of emigrating to Paraguay, apparently.

IMPORTANT: In writing, comment adverbials are usually separated from the rest of the sentence by a comma when used at the beginning or end of a sentence.

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