Answers Activity 92

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.

9.  According to research of all accidental deaths happen at home.

10.  People are mistaken in the belief that the home is a .

11.  It is difficult for to distinguish between those objects which are safe and those which are not.

12.  Wendy advises taking the precaution of having inoculations and .

13.  Being prepared for an emergency can its seriousness.

14.  Carrying a list of medications can prevent a to medication you are allergic to.

15.  First-aid classes not only train you in how to administer basic medical treatment, but also how to yourself in an emergency.

16.  Judging how serious a situation is and coming to a is part of dealing with an emergency.

17.  You should only move a victim of a car accident if they are in .


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