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ACTIVITY 102: Complete the dialogue below by filling each of the blanks with a suitable verb form or phrase. Then check the correct answers.

ARCHER: Good afternoon. Mr Baileys?

BAILEYS: That's right. What can I do for you?

ARCHER: I to someone the other day who told me you have a good stock of nineteenth-century magazines.

BAILEYS: Yes. It's a field I've always in.

ARCHER: Professor Blunt - he's the man who to me – said you able to help me with some research I . It's for a book I on the early history of the Trade Union Movement. Anything you have that with the period would be worth .

BAILEYS: I'm afraid you disappointed, sir. A customer came in the other day and bought everything I had on Trade Unions.

ARCHER: You don't remember , by any chance?

BAILEYS: Yes, he was a tall man with a beard.


Open cloze

ACTIVITY 103: Without looking at the original text on the previous page, fill each of the blank spaces with one suitable word. (Some blank spaces accept more than one alternative). Then check the correct answers.


It is often said that wide reading is the best of action advanced students to follow if they want to improve English, but here it is necessary to some kind of selection. It is no telling students to go to the library and out the first book they come . My own advice to them is: 'read what you can understand having to look up in a dictionary (but not what you can understand at a ; read what you have time (magazines and newspapers than novels you can read the novel in a week or so); read the English written today, not 200 years ; read as as you can and try to remember it was written rather than individual words that puzzled you.' Of course, of saying 'read', I could just as say 'listen to'.


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