Answers Activity 106


  51.  They crossed the forest like a of marauding monkeys.
         Many collectors
different beer glasses or bottle openers and some of them don't
         even drink.


  52.  An example of is someone who stops to help push a person's car.
         Knowing about death has always been a


  53.  His actions did not go unnoticed.
         During these years he wrote


  54.  We can that from known earthquakes in Mexico.
         They both
our summer trip has been arranged.


  55.  She opened a beautiful a year ago but she will close it down next month.
         This singer is the latest
a long line of performers to reach hit songs.


  56.  The arrests resulted in a raid on a major amphetamines laboratory.
         These special lamps last up to 2000 hours - twice as long as


  57.  His total disregard of the crowds reaction seemed to only more anger from

         Her new book gives into rural family life in 1930's Argentina.


  58.  They will him on Rikers Island together with 12,000 inmates.
         A new editing company will
his teachings in a successful book.


  59.  The Beatles set the world on fire with their music.
         She is almost at how her life has changed.


  60.  I like Maria, but she's very .
         House owners are often in their adaptation of pillboxes.


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