Answers Activity 111

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.



The speaker compares face-blindness to the inability to hear.
FALSE: He compares face-blindness to tone-deafness, that is,
the inability to distinguish between different musical tones.


Scientists do not understand how normal people remember faces.


The face-blind subjects could not distinguish between the faces or the objects.
FALSE: They could not distinguish between the faces,
but they could distinguish between the pictures of other things.


According to the speaker, the painting by René Magritte the idea of face-blindness. People with face-blindness have no memory of a person's face once the person their sight. Some people with this condition are so that they cannot recognise members of their own family. It would help scientists to understand if they knew more about face-blindness. Scientists do not yet know whether the ability to recognise faces has a of its own or whether it is part of an individual's general ability. In an experiment, a number of were shown images of people, places and objects. The experiment proved that the human brain processes differently from faces. Other experiments have shown that people with this condition can improve their .


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