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Reading & Use of English: Part 5
Multiple-choice lexical cloze (8 questions)

ACTIVITY 115: Read the text below, click on the gaps and decide which word best fits each gap. Then check the correct answers.

When we speak of the ages of man we use such terms as the Wooden Age, the Stone Age and the Bronze Age. In our minds each age is separate and

This is not the way it really was, however; the ages had an irritating habit of overlapping, with no regard whatever for historians, who love dates. The three ages named above are supposed to have ended thousands of years ago but they did not. We continue to with wood and we still employ stone for such things as grinding and polishing; bronze is useful to us in dozens of ways in this modern world.

Today, when we say the Wooden Age or the Bronze Age, or any other age, we
to the period in history when wood or bronze or stone was the most important material at our disposal. Man used the best materials available something better came along. When it did, he included it as one more item to improve his way of life; yet, at the same time, he did not the useful resources that he already knew. In certain cases, as with bronze, he experimented and that by mixing copper with  tin he came up with a metal worthy of having an entire age named for it.

The Iron Age
that of bronze. Being harder than the latter, iron soon replaced it for all practical purposes, and so it has been down through the ages, each producing something to advance life on this earth.


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