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ACTIVITY 120: Choose the right connector in each sentence. You can use them only once. Then check the correct answers.

the increase in the world's population in recent years, food production has so far managed to keep pace with it. Nevertheless, it is doubtful whether this can go on indefinitely better methods of production are evolved. The picture is not completely black. some experts insist on the inevitability of starvation, others argue that we can survive we are willing to adapt ourselves to changing circumstances, it will be hard for us to break the habits of a lifetime. , most people find it difficult to adapt to the eating customs of other countries. Although they have lived abroad for many years, many English people are incapable of doing without tea; , that is what they claim. , it is hardly logical to pretend that something is really necessary when everyone else seems to get on happily without it. , in the future we may have no choice in the matter. We may be grateful for anything that satisfies our hunger and thirst, however unappetising it may appear.


Open cloze

ACTIVITY 121: Without looking at the original text on the previous page, fill each of the blank spaces with one suitable word. (Some blank spaces accept more than one alternative). Then check the correct answers.


What of food are we to be eating in the year 2030? Most people, when you them a question that, either say: "There won't be any left" or " it is, there won't be much in it". Of there are good reasons people are pessimistic about the world's food supplies in the . On the other , not all the experts share the general despondency. For thing, although the world's population is fast, food production is pace with it, even in developing countries. It is not much that there is a world food as that methods of cultivation are not advanced in some areas and the food is not fairly distributed to all that need it. But if we succeed overcoming the problem of distribution, we may still find having to change our diet.


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