Answers Activity 124


  61.  My grandfather, being hard of hearing, often makes answers.
         Contrary to my expectations, they were actually quite unpatriotic and .

  62.  He used to the books the headmaster recommended.
         As for physical exercise, I am to most sports.

  63.  The largest shopping mall here has a atrium full of fountains and waterfalls.
         Vegetation in Brazil becomes really in summer.

  64.  Every nation seeks to itself.
         Teenagers a high proportion of crime in his country.

  65.  In France, they those who sound the fire alarms.
         The government will him for revealing a state secret.

  66.  The rest of the were fired without notice.
I am seeking a person who can write a computer manual.

  67.  The picture looks strange because it has no .
         The company invited their customers to the party.
         We don't share their political .

  68.  In Asia men usually women when walking.
Let's with the items on the agenda.

  69.  The physician will his patient some medicine.
         The Puritans used to theaters.
         The law should certain penalties for this offence.

  70.  When I was young I used to for a bike.
         The old woman fell an easy to the fraud.


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