Answers Activity 132

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.




The school holds classes for children and adults.
TIP: Classes for children only. The speaker says: 'Many of you children will want to begin...'


The method claims to teach any child to play the violin.
TIP: The speaker says: '...every child is capable of becoming an accomplished violinist and musician.'


The school won't accept children under 7 years old.
TIP: The speaker mentions 5- and 6-year-olds who will be playing later.


Dr Suzuki's inspiration was children learning language.
TIP: It was watching children learn language naturally and instinctively that led him to believe they could learn other things in the same way.


Dr Suzuki applied his method to teaching all instruments.
TIP: The speaker only mentioned 'learning to play the violin' (although the system may well now be applied to other instruments).


Dr Suzuki does not play the violin himself.
TIP: The speaker says that Dr Suzuki is 'a master' at the violin.


When they begin, the children are immediately given a violin and bow.
TIP: When they begin, the children are given 'toy violins and sticks for bows'.


Children are taught the correct posture before anything else.
TIP: The speaker talks about learning 'the correct violin-playing posture'.


The method implies total commitment by children and parents.
TIP: Speaking to children and parents, the speaker says 'you can't go into this half-heartedly...'


The speaker is convinced that children who join the school will enjoy the lessons there.
TIP: The speaker says that children 'acquire immense enjoyment out of learning to play...'

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