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ACTIVITY 131: This activity has two tasks. For the first task, please read the article below to find the explanation indicated in the title.


by Jeffrey Kanon

In my dieting days, I never knew whether my fatness was due to greed, sloth or the genes that I had inherited. The dieting books which I consumed provided no answer. Almost the only thing on which they agreed was that exercise could not help.
So, after more than a decade of dieting during which I had lost more than my own full weight, yet remained as fat as ever, I gave up. There seemed no point in torturing myself to so little effect.
A few months later, in the autumn of 2010, I took up jogging. It was going to Hyde Park to watch the first of the Sunday Times' series of National Fun Runs that got me interested. I was approaching 40, but the exaltation of the runners, some almost twice my age, was an inspiration. It wasn't that I expected to lose weight. The diet books had warned me that that was virtually impossible. But at least I might get fit, and if I didn't start immediately it would be too late.

By the following summer, I was doing gentle 41/2-mile runs and sometimes covered 20 miles in a week. Soon, I had shed 10 lb and was down to 12 stone. I have kept around this weight ever since, while at the same time eating and drinking whatever I wanted.
At first I regarded the weight loss as an enigma. Then I found other people who had enjoyed the same experience. It was when I realised I would never again have to diet that I started to investigate what had happened to me.
In theory, according to the diet books, exercise is not a particularly effective way of losing weight and fat. In practice, according to experience, exercise can be a most effective way of losing some weight and more fat.
Just as dieting slows you down, exercise, of the right type, speeds you up. Certain types of exercise including running, speed up the metabolic rate, not only while you exercise but also afterwards.
Thus, if you jog or run for 10 minutes, you burn 90 to 120 calories more than you would at rest, and you continue to burn more for some time. The extent to which the resting metabolic rate remains higher after exercise varies with the individual and the type of exercise.


Formal and informal register

ACTIVITY 131: And now, for the second task, listen to the way a man and a woman pass on the information contained in the article above. One uses rather formal speech, the other rather informal. Listen carefully and answer questions 1-3 below. Then check the audio transcription and the answers.



QUESTION 1: Which speaker was FORMAL and which was INFORMAL?

QUESTION 2: What sort of person would have said the MAN's speech
and in what situation?

QUESTION 3: What sort of person would have said the WOMAN's speech
and in what situation?


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