Answers Activity 143


  71.  I have lost both and interest.
severely reproved the students whenever they made a mess in class.
Some people just adopt whatever benefit them at the moment.

  72.  Our President should to know nothing about it.
         He was
in his praise of his teacher.

  73.  Experience is the only of wise men.
         He will
some weird events in his new book of revelation.

  74.  Please the news to the villagers.
         It is difficult to
to someone who has different values from you.
         A runner must pass the baton in a

  75.  There are plants that insects.
They demand the of all laws which restrict their rights.

  76.  Please now go back to your seats.
         You should be
to your teachers.

  77.  Sometimes no word is more effective than a timed pause.
I know a guy who sincerely lives , but everyone makes fun of him.
is the nation's pastime.

  78.  She is her book on mushrooms.
         He spent his whole life
over his misfortunes.
He has been against the Republicans' plan to cut Medicare.

  79.  We began to in the direction of the port.
The summer goods are now on .
is any type of surface intended to move a vessel by being placed in a wind.

  80.  The very idea of being abroad delighted them.
Victorio lives from hand to mouth and never saves a .
         Most flowers give off a very pleasant


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