Answers Activity 150

Now listen again while you check the audio transcription. Then check the answers below.



What does Liam say about his father's career?


A.   He taught portrait painting.
B.   He didn't paint portraits professionally.
C.    His portraits were influenced by abstract artists.
  He exhibited his portraits together with other famous artists.


What comment do people sometimes make about Liam's painting?


A.   It's old-fashioned.
B.   It lacks formal training.
C.    It's too intellectual.
  It lacks individuality.


According to Liam, people generally prefer to have paintings
in their home to photos because...


A.   paintings look more pleasant than photos.
B.   they suit the design of most houses.
C.    they are not produced by machine.
  they don't look as modern as photos.


Why does Liam prefer painting portraits with the sitter in
front of him?


A.   He thinks the final result is more interesting and alive.
B.   He enjoys working with other people in the room.
C.    He finds the work more challenging.
  He receives instant feedback from his sitters.


According to Liam, the sitter's personality is revealed in portraits as a result of...


A.   good artistic technique.
B.   artistic interpretation.
C.    the artist's acute observation.
  the way people look at portraits.


What problem does Liam have when he is painting
a self-portrait?

  A.   He lacks time to practise painting self-portraits.
B.   He has difficulty staying in the same position while painting.
C.    He cannot get close enough to the image he is painting.
  He cannot make himself look as relaxed or as handsome as
             he would like.

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