Answers Activity 152


TV companies lack
balance and fairness


The current problems over the truth and of TV programmes


are symptomatic of a deep  malaise over how such values are


judged. In universities, several generations of students in media, cultural

studies and even  have been taught the theory that there is no


such thing as truth or in television products. These are all


merely a , a spectacle,  produced for audiences who decode


and consume them according to their own tastes and pleasures.

There is little between an episode of a hospital drama and


the main evening news bulletin. We have argued against this approach

to understanding media. Yet the depth of the problem for the television

companies is in that there are now even voices calling for the


 of the traditional principle of impartiality. TV companies should


understand that principles such as balance and fairness are crucial to the


maintenance of public trust.


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