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Reading & Use of English: Part 1
Multiple-choice lexical cloze (8 questions)

ACTIVITY 153: Read the text below, click on the gaps and decide which word best fits each gap. Then check the correct answers.

Bicycle history
Credit for the first bicycle is usually

to Kirkpatrick MacMillan, a Scottish blacksmith. Although he supposedly built the first mechanical two-wheeler in the 1840s, it was the French who launched the bicycle in the 1860s.

For ten years France maintained a leadership role but this was brought to an abrupt end with the advent of the Franco-Prussian War. At that point England took over as leader of the industry. In 1888, when John Boyd Dunlop the pneumatic tire, bicycling became more than just a sport for adventurous young men of that .

With the appearance of the "safety bicycle" in 1890, this vehicle became a means of transport for everyone. By 1895 production by
American manufacturers averaged half a million bicycles a year. In of what was then a high price ($100), sales of the "safety bicycle" were excellent.

If we stop to think what the bicycle brought to each person who purchased one we understand why he or she wanted to
. It was the only instrument of individual physical freedom, the sole to go where you liked when you liked. There was the horse, it is true, but it had to be fed, sheltered and cared for. Except for a drop of oil now and then the bicycle required no such attention. It was unique.


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